Genetic counseling as “talking” human genetics provides understandable information about an existing or assumed risk for the occurrence of a genetic disease or disability. The counseling session will discuss the course and consequences of the disease, diagnostic options, prevention and/or treatment and, if necessary, the risk of recurrence for a disease known in a family is calculated. A genetic counselling session usually takes about one hour.

Special emphasis of the genetic counseling at our institute are:

  • Family cancers, in close cooperation with the regional clinics (breast and intestinal centers) and oncologists
  • Desire for a child and pregnancy, in close cooperation with the regional gynecological clinics, the gynecologists and the fertility practice IVF-Saar

Questions from people seeking advice that lead them to genetic counseling are, for example:

  • In my family there have been a lot of cancer cases. Could that be hereditary?
  • I am affected by cancer myself and worried that I could inherit a cancerous disorder.
  • I have unfulfilled desire for children or a tendency to miscarriages.. Is there a genetic cause for this?
  • In my family, a hereditary disease is known. Can this affect me or my descendants?
  • I took medication during pregnancy. What does that mean for my child?
  • I am pregnant. Which prenatal examinations make sense for me?